Access Control Systems

Access control systems are digital networks that electronically control entry into and out of a designated area.
Creating a seamless, automated experience for your
preferred access points across your home or business. 

The purpose of an access control system is to providequick, convenient access to those persons who are authorised,
while at the same time, restricting access to unauthorised persons.
We have extensive experience and knowledge in installing and maintaining all types of access control,
and entry systems in homes and businesses. 

Control who comes through your home and business efficiently 
Full control and easy access for authorised persons
Affordable and bespoke to suit your budget
Multiple methods for quick & easy access to your property
Integration into other smart systems 
Can take over maintenance of, or upgrade existing systems
Door Entry Systems

Entry door systems control admission to your premises for security purposes.
Designed to regulate access, electronically. This reduces the need for multiple keys or locks, helping with the management of various facilities, simply.

Access Control
Systems Integration

Our systems are designed to easily integrate with other building perimeter points of entry to suit your needs/requirements i.e lifts, gates, barriers to name a few. We can fit an access control system to an existing point of entry, giving you full control over who enters your property. 

Access Control
Intercom Entry

Control your door entry system right at your fingertips. Check the identity of deliverymen, salespeople and other callers with live streaming services and keyless control from anywhere. Our services also include single systems for multiple properties to simplify and unlock new possibilities with the latest technology. 

Access Control

Our Team

Access control systems installed quickly and professionally by a trustworthy team, who have over 40
yearsโ€™ experience in the security industry.

Our professionals are directly contactable and available for support anytime; across Surrey, Kent & London.

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