Fibre-based networks transfer data at the speed of light with no latency or bandwidth troubles. These systems are a fantastic option for large internet & CCTV systems over a long distance. 

For fibre optic cable vs wireless, the network connection is no exception.
A wired connection will provide more reliability and have less potential for interference.
Fibre networks can travel up to 10,000 metres, whereas a standard internet cable will only travel up to 100 metres.

Affordable to suit your budget
Quick and hassle free
Latest fibre-optic technology 
Internet access for all devices
Fastest speeds on the market today
Discreet internet access points 
Fibre networking

At Capital Security, we offer the latest technology for data network systems.
Do you have an office space in your garden and need strong enough WIFI?
We can provide tailored network infrastructure to suit your home and business needs.

Internet access points

Are you struggling to get good internet in certain areas? We can expand your internet with wired or wireless access points to ensure you have the strongest internet connection anywhere on your premises.

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Fibre/Networking systems installed quickly and professionally by a trustworthy team, who have over 40
yearsโ€™ experience in the security industry.

Our professionals are directly contactable and available for support anytime; across Surrey, Kent & London.

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